Geotechnical Drilling Services

TGS Building services ltd. specialises in geotechnical surveys customized for the client, taking into account exactly what the client needs and expects from a geotechnical survey. Different reasons to do a geotechnical survey seek different methods with different outcomes. Together with the client TGS Building Services Ltd. establishes the methods and outcomes that best suit the client’s needs.

  • Feasibility study: Clients expect cost effective delivery of representative results up to 10 metres in depth on a short notice. TGS Building services ltd. live up to this expectation through utilization of survey methods that can be deployed on short notice and performed in a small timeframe. Combined with the latest advancements in GIS software, modelling and interpolation a comprehensive overview of the soil up to 10m , taking into account the composition of the soil as well as the strength characteristics, can be made in a time efficient and cost effective way.
  • In depth study: Clients expect a comprehensive overview of soil and rock in an area with data verified in a laboratory to provide the least amount of uncertainty when for example designing their structures. TGS Building services ltd. can live up to this expectation by sampling any soil or rock material up-to any depth with ease using their PAT 301 modified rig or multifunctional DSB-1 drilling rig. The samples tested in the laboratory in combination with in-situ tests performed in and around the boreholes will provide a comprehensive picture of the soil and rock conditions in a project area up-to any desired depth.